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Quartz Countertop Installation in
Hopewell, New Jersey

Natural Stone, Timeless Beauty

Finding the right kitchen countertop that meets your taste and expectations can turn into a drawn out process, but if you research even a little, you can find a countertop surface that is right for you and your home. If you want elegance yet are into durability and limited care, you might want to look into the possibilities with quartz.

Quartz is rich, fashionable and long-lasting and although it is an engineered surface, quartz is similar in consistency to a natural stone, like granite. It usually is made up of a high percentage of quartz pieces that are bound together by resins and pigments. This fabrication process makes quartz a surface that is resistant to scratches, stains, heat, and acidy food and drink, plus it doesn’t require periodic sealing procedures to maintain its surface.

quartz countertop is a definite alternative to beat the everyday hustle and bustle that goes on in kitchens today, as quartz requires little care. Simple soap and water easily cleans messes and spills and with the sturdy and stable surface of quartz, it will resist heat from pots and pans, small appliances and other utensils. It is also resistant to chipping, cracking and even heavy impact because of its strong and almost impenetrable surface.

In contemplating the installation of quartz countertops in the Hopewell area, a contractor like Flemington Granite can bring their installation expertise directly to you. They are ready to make any countertop transition smooth and flawless, and their professional installation procedures and installers will work with you to make the process as hassle free as possible. Whether you have an already existing home or are ready to move into a new one, Flemington will accommodate your needs.

Caesarstone Quartz Countertops in Hopewell, NJ

If you are looking for an advanced quartz surface, look no further than Caesarstone for technically engineered quartz that is suitable for any area of a home. It is made up of 93 percent natural quartz and has been strengthened with resin binders and pigments. There is no sealing process involved with Caesarstone, and it is not only durable but resistant to the back and forth motion of placing kitchen items on a countertop that can produce spills, stains, scratches, burn marks, and it is even unaffected by bacteria and mold and mildew.

Caesarstone is a superior quartz surface product and it offers a collection series that includes Classico, Movito and Concetto. Classico combines neutral tones with variations in design with matte, non-glossy and polished surfaces. Movito includes more popular choices in patterns and textures, and Concetto is more luxurious with handcrafted gem work. These choices allow homeowners to select a surface that fits their personal taste, and the experts with Flemington Granite in Hopewell can advise homeowners as to what is suitable in the Caesarstone line to meet their needs and decorative style.

Quartz Countertops in Belle Mead, New Jersey

Silestone Quartz Countertops in Hopewell, NJ

Silestone is a leader in quartz technology through their discovery of Bacteriostatic Protection, which is a process where Solver ions are used to protect surfaces and inhibit bacteria and other toxins from forming on quartz. Silestone surfaces are protected by this process, which makes it advantageous to a kitchen area where considerable interaction with food and drink is occurring.

Silestone is 94 percent natural quartz, which is combined with resins and pigments to make it unbelievably lightweight, sturdy and practical for kitchen use. It is highly resistant to scratches, heat, stains and brunt force, and it is available in various color selections and textural choices.

The textural choices in Silestone include Suede, which has a soft and appealing feeling with a matte appearance, while Volcano has a comparable softness but is more rustic in its surface. Polished is a more elegant finish that has a smooth texture and is most like its natural stone counterparts. These choices in texture can be found through Flemington Granite’s Hopewell associates. They know about the value of Silestone and its features and are more than able to point out to homeowners the advantages of Silestone quartz surfaces.

Pental Quartz Countertops in Hopewell, NJ

Pental quartz is one brand that receives high reviews for its selections in countertop styles, which are both elegant and classic in design and fashioned to satisfy most anyone’s decorative taste. Whether Pental quartz is used in the kitchen, vanity, wall areas or other spaces, you can be assured that it will beautify any one of them.

Pental quartz is made up of natural quartz that is formulated with polymer resins and pigments that strengthen it and make it as stable as natural stone. It does not require sealing such as other natural stone countertops. It is resistant to almost any type of damage that can occur in a kitchen environment, such as stains, heat, scratches, and dropped utensils. In addition, it is easy care that makes kitchen cleanup a breeze.

With what Pental quartz offers in the way of styles, textures and colors, there is no doubt that it is comparable to more natural stone countertop surfaces, and the experts with Flemington Granite in Hopewell can help homeowners discover just how quartz is a viable option for elegance, simplified care and overall durability. They can advise you of just how advantageous quartz can be for most any area of a home.

PentalQuartz Countertop

Why Hopewell, NJ Residents Choose Flemington Granite

For many residents of Hopewell, New Jersey Flemington Granite is close to being a household name. They recognize that Flemington has had construction related businesses throughout New Jersey for almost 100 years and know that Flemington’s countertop selections in quartz and other stone materials are top-of-the-line and expertly fabricated as well. They are also aware that Flemington is known for their customer service and meeting the needs of individuals throughout the state. Expert installations and working with homeowners is what Hopewell residents like best about Flemington Granite. Residents there and elsewhere in the state will continue to make Flemington their first choice for surface materials and installations.

Whether your questions concern quartz or you have other more general questions, complete the contact form on the Flemington Granite website and a representative will respond to your request and provide you with the answers you need. Flemington is ready to meet your needs with any quartz selection.

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